How do I search for a place to save?

Type the place name, type, or street address, optionally followed by city, state, and/or country. For example, "Museum in Geneva, "Pub in London, England" or "Firehouse 12 in New Haven, Connecticut" which can shortened as "Firehouse 12 in New Haven, CT". Take note that capitals, commas, in, at, near, and similar words can all be omitted. For example, "Pub London England" or "firehouse 12 new haven ct". In fact, if the search is entered in a language other than English, it's better to stick to spaces.

When you don't get good results, be sure to include the city, plus the state or country in last resort. For example, to find all museums in Geneva with French as search language, you have to type "Musée Genève Suisse". If you omit the country "Suisse", the results are close to zero.

If a place name starts with The or some other article don't omit it, otherwise it won't usually appear in the search results. For example, "Melting Pot Pub, Toulouse" won't give any results, but "The Melting Pot Pub, Toulouse" will return the correct result.

When you are searching for places around you, don't enter the city, state or country, just use the distance picker to set a search radius.

Why are some places missing when the search radius is too wide?

For a search, you never get more than a few dozen results. As the search radius grows, some matching places start to be omitted in the results.

How can I undo a deletion?

Go to History (tap the clock icon that appears in the bottom left or middle of most screens), then tap Undo in the bottom left. Tap Done to exit and check the result.

How can I undo a single change without losing more recent changes?

Go to History (tap the clock icon that appears in the bottom left or middle of most screens), then swipe from left to right on any row representing an action and tap the red Undo button.

How do I remove a tag from a place?

Go to the place card, tap the Tags field listing the applied tags. A tag picker listing all the available tags will slide out underneath. The applied tags will appear selected in the picker. Tap any selected tag to remove it.

How do I add photos?

Go to the place card, tap the icon right under the navigation bar, then tap + in the upper right.

If the map is visible in the place card, the place icon won't be visible initially and you must tap the map button in the bottom right to reveal it.

Why are place icons missing sometimes?

Apple's place database doesn't give us access to the type of the places, so we cannot always figure it out.

Is it possible to customize a place icon?

No (even when a place is showing a generic pin icon), but the feature will be added soon.

Can I share multiple places by Twitter or Facebook?

No, it's not possible, since there is no clean way to present a long list of places in a short post. If you select more than a single place, sharing is restricted to SMS and email.

How can I show the map full-screen?

Double tap any map to make it full screen. To shrink the map back to its previous size, double tap it or press the close button in the upper left.

Why aren't tagged places always visible on the map?

The map cannot show the entire world, so sometimes when listed places are too far apart, some of them won't be visible on the map.

When are share list changes synchronized?

Every time you exit a share list and return to the home screen. Share lists are also synchronized when the app is running or becomes active, if the sync interval set in Settings has elapsed since the last synchronization.

After a share list is synchronized, the changes can take few minutes to appear for users subscribed to this share list. This depends mostly on the network connection and how many users of this share list are currently using Placeboard.

Can multiple users edit the same place in a share list?

Yes. For share lists, Placeboard will automatically merge changes and resolve conflicts (usually by favoring local changes).

Can I control which places infos are visible to other users in share lists?

No, not currently.

After editing the rating or notes locally for a place coming from a share list, can I revert to the public rating and notes?

No, but it's something we'd like to support.

Why can't I unshare some places in a share list?

You must be the share list owner or the user who submitted this place to unshare it.

Are place photos exposed to other users through share lists?

No, share lists don't synchronize photos currently.

Should I send a new invitation if I remove a user from a share list and later add him back?

Yes, the old one has become invalid.

How do I backup my Placeboard data?

Go to Settings (tap the gear icon in the bottom right of the home screen). Tap Export Backup and select iCloud, DropBox, Google Drive or some other services. Choose a folder in the dialog that will appear and tap Export to This Location. A new backup will be created with the current date.

To later restore a previous backup, tap Import Backup and select a service. Navigate to the folder that contains your backup in the dialog that will appear and tap the backup document to open it. If the network connection is bad, loading a backup could take a while, so it's better to do it later in this case.

Can I delete full-resolutions snapshots appearing in Placeboard album of Photos app?

Yes, when you add a photo to a place, Placeboard imports a low-resolution image, this means deleting images in Placeboard album won't result in any missing place photos.