Tag, rate and add notes to your places. Browse your places automatically organized by city. Keep places unclassified when you want to.

Share Lists

Create collaborative place lists and invite other Placeboard users to follow them or contribute. For privacy, we encrypt share list data sent over the network — on our side, we cannot even read their content.

Share by SMS, Mail and More

Select one or more places and send them to others with SMS, Mail, Twitter, Facebook, and more. Placeboard will automatically select the most relevant info and optimize the message formatting.


Toggle map and search visibility at any time. Search your places by name, address, notes, tag etc. Use the distance picker to refine results to what's around you. Double tap the map to go full-screen. Find new places to add with the same user experience.

Photo Management

Attach one or more photos, reorder them, browse them in a list or full-screen. For every new shot, Placeboard will even keep a full-resolution image in an album in the Photos app.


Backup your entire place database to iCloud Drive, DropBox, Google Drive, and other similar services (requires the corresponding app to be installed). Switch between backups without relaunching.

Simplicity Meets Flexibility

Achieve every action in a minimal number of steps. Enjoy a more fluid user experience, with inline tag and distance pickers. Forget about confirmation dialogs thanks to our undo/redo support.

Undo/Redo Reinvented

See all your changes or the ones related to the current screen, then go back in time. Swipe a single change in the history from left to right to undo it, without losing what you did after.

Landscape Support

Forget about poor landscape support without much love put into it. For Placeboard, we built the entire user experience to support portrait and landscape properly.